Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I'm [NEVER] going digital

I would never get an E-book reader.I was just talking about this to my sister. I’d hate reading of a screen. The whole point of books is holding them, flipping through the pages, the smell, everything. I sound so lame, but being the bookworm that am, books are my ESCAPE from this world. I love the smell and feel of having a book in my hand. It takes me elsewhere. E-book readers just take that feel away.

What are your feelings towards E-books Vs printed books?


  1. I tend to feel the same way you do about books, and given the chance, I would like to have all my books real, tangible entities.
    However, I have gotten an e-reader, and it's great to take on plane trips where I can load up on books that would otherwise be taking up space in my baggage.
    I also found that the digital world is out there, and just trying to get my book published is a real trick, and so I've compromised, and started blogging my novel, which I'm hoping helps it get published, ideally in hardcover, with all the smells and feel intact.

  2. I actually hadn't thought of that, it is a pro to have an e-reader on plane trips because books usually take up a lot of the space on your carry ons!I heard Amazon sells more E-books than hard covers. It makes me kind of despondent, but technology will just keep growing. Well I would love to feel, smell, and read your novel if it ever does get published :)

  3. I have held out for so long not getting a ereader, still haven't I rather have the books too I am the same with my music, gotta have the cd in my hand. But with some books or a lot going digital its getting harder not to want to get one.

  4. Yeah I agree, I will fall into a depression when they stop printing books! Hopefully it won't happen.

  5. I will also get majorly depressed if they ever stop printing books! I don't think they will though - at least not in our lifetimes. Books have been around a long, long time in their current form and will probably survive a lot longer.

    But I feel exactly the same way as you do. I love physical books with a passion. Why do we have to be glued to an electronic screen all the time? It's bad enough that I'm on the internet so much. I don't need that from my books, too. The less time I spend plugged in, the better.

  6. True, I'm glad I won't see that happen. Yeah, when I describe books I get into it and people just think I'm weird because of the way I describe them with emotion. The smell of books for instance... :) Yes! I feel guilty for being glued to the computer so much, so I love getting away with a book in hand.