Saturday, January 1, 2011

Book Review: Resistance

It was as thought they both knew what they had could not last

After reading 'The Pilot's Wife', I became a fan of Anita Shreve. I have most of her books. I recently bought this at a book store without even reading the back, I just seen Anita Shreve and grabbed it. Reading the first couple pages I was reluctant, to be honest, it starts off boring, I thought it was merely about the war, but as I kept reading I was put in a trance with this love story. Set in the 1940's in Belgium in the midst of World War II, Claire and her husband Henri shelter Jew refugees. Claire aids the wounded before sending them back on their way. Her life changes when an American plane crashes in her town.A young boy finds an American pilot and turns to Claire for help. She takes him in knowing her husband wouldn't turn him away. Henri agrees to hide him but has to go away into hiding. As the american restores his health, he longs for Claire. In 20 days they are secluded in her home, they find  passion within themselves. Their love is halted by the return of Henri with news that the American has to leave. This novel is written beautifully, you feel sympathy for the characters, you feel as if you are in the middle of the war times in Belgium.


  1. I've never read any Anita Shreve, is she a bit like Jodi Piccoult?

  2. Oh, I think you should definitely try reading one of her books to see if you would enjoy her. Resistance is a good one. She is similar to Jodi Picoult, mostly in this novel that she writes from the different characters point of views. In my opinion, Anita Shreve goes more in depth with emotion. Her mood is often about loss, as is Jodi Picoult. Let me know if you give her a try and what you thought :)